Your Product is Your Reputation

The Internet of Things has lots of promise for the home. Bring automation and intelligence that was previously only available to industrial users. Give users metrics on their environment. Let users tune their environment to their needs. The opportunities are endless.

But every cloud-connected device you deploy increases a user's threat profile. Every vulnerability in your device puts a home user's information at risk. Software bugs happen, but mitigating the damage that bugs can do to your reputation, and most importantly your users is a bit of an art.

And what if you need help building your product in the first place? What about getting your product to mass production? What if your value add is a software service, but you want to build simple hardware to support it?

Use Our Services to Protect your Reputation

Get access to over a decade of embedded device design, development and manufacturing expertise. Learn from experts who have built security systems, ranging from simple communications through to FIPS 140-2 Level 3+ devices.

Product Engineering

Let us help you build your product. Have an idea, but need a hardware platform? Need help getting your product into software form? Want help taking an idea and turning it into a product?

Product Engineering services are quoted on a project basis. Please contact us if you want to propose a product engineering project.

Reliability Engineering

Let us help you make your product reliable. Need access to expertise on what can go wrong? How confident are you that a firmware update gone wrong won't leave your device a brick? Can you make your device stand up to user wear and tear?

Reliability Engineering services are usually quoted on a consultative basis. Please contact us if you want to propose a reliability engineering project.

Security Engineering

Let us help you secure your product. Need help securely provisioning devices? Need to evaluate the security of communications protocols? Want to build in device identity, but not sure where to start? What about just having someone teach your staff engineers about how to build a secure system?

Security Engineering services can either be done on a consultative basis or a project basis, depending on the nature of the services. Please contact us if you want to propose a security engineering project.

Threat Analysis

Let us give you peace of mind that your product is as secure as possible. Have you done simulated attacks? Is your device at risk of becoming a zombie? How much information can an attacker gain by having your device in their possession? What vectors of attack have you missed?

Threat Analysis services are usually done on a consultative basis. Project-based work can be scheduled if it is appropriate. Please contact us if you want to propose a threat analysis project.

Cryptographic Implementation

Be certain that your cryptographic primitives are correctly implemented and used. Are you signing your firmware images correctly? Did you fix your AES IVs? Could your engineers be using block cipher modes incorrectly, leaking sensitive information?

Cryptographic Implementation services can be consultative or project-based. Please contact us if you want to propose a cryptographic implementation project.