Security is not an afterthought

Building secure systems is a mindset. A pragmatic approach to threat modeling. A sober look at how your system can be subverted. An understanding of the tools available to lock down and secure a system. In this day and age, even deeply embedded devices are highly connected: so why shouldn't the same holistic approach to security apply?

Security Embedded is your ally. With over a decade of experience building, destroying and rebuilding secure systems in embedded and wider environments, you want that expertise on your side. Plus, you don't want to end up on Phil's blog as a case study of what went wrong!

Why Security Embedded?

Unlike many other security firms, Security Embedded's experience comes from being an implementor. While anyone can tell you best practices for cryptographic systems, firmware update strategies and how to manage your threat model, Security Embedded has done this for real products out in the market today. Why be dictated to by someone who isn't an engineer? Choose a partner who intimately knows the stresses and strains of product engineering.

Services available

Security Embedded is available to consult at many stages of your product lifecycle. These include:

  • During product design: designing and planning a threat model, recommending secure design approaches, parts to use to achieve security goals;
  • During product development: software implementation and hardware design auditing, development for real-time and deeply embedded systems, cryptographic systems implementation;
  • During product manufacturing: designing secure manufacturing facilities, planning handling of device cryptographic materials, facility process auditing;
  • At all stages: team education, facilitating cross-silo discussion of security and threat models, process auditing to ensure security goals are met.

Security Embedded's expertise includes:

  • Deeply embedded systems (bare-metal and RTOS-based systems)
  • Connected SoCs (RTOS and Linux-based systems)
  • Application-level security (across the board)

Security Embedded has worked with devices ranging from deeply embedded 8051 microcontrollers, modern ARM Cortex M3-based MCUs, all the way up to multi-socket x86-64 NUMA servers. Linux, FreeRTOS, vxWorks, in-house RTOSes and bare metal purpose-built code are all well understood.